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Best Indoor Rabbit Cages and Hutches Reviews

Rabbits as wonderful and cute creatures have always been favorite to most of the pet lovers. Owners mostly prefer rabbits as they do not have to worry much about where to keep their rabbits, how those are to be fed, and how to take care of rabbits.

One’s passion for having a pet of his own is completely satisfied while he/she has a rabbit and the other family members will also love the rabbit for it is very social, active and playful manner.

At the same time, kids become much more comfortable with rabbits than other pet animals that may be violent when brought for the first time.

Rabbit owners must keep their rabbit in a warm, safe and comfortable place so that they are kept secure against any kind of external attack.

Although a variety of rabbit cages and hutches are available in the market, indoor rabbit cages are perfect for keeping your pet rabbit safe and secure at home so that other animals or human beings cannot harm them.

Here are some suggestions that you need to keep in mind while you are going to purchase an indoor rabbit cage. Furthermore, top-listed rabbit cages and hutches are given with features, pros, and cons to guide you before having a cage for your rabbit.

At A Glance

Important things to consider when buying rabbit cages or hutches

Follow the suggestions listed below before considering a particular model of indoor rabbit cage or hutch for keeping your pet in it.

Design and Material of Hutch:

Today, most of the rabbit hutches are available in plastic, wood or metal depending on the element’s size and exposure to it. As rabbit hutches or cages require regular cleaning and dusting, material of a rabbit cage plays an important part in the owner’s buying decision. Cages with plastic, stainless steel or other metals are easier to wash than wooden material. Don’t forget to keep in mind the matter of hutch’s design. A hutch with more than one door and openings need to be chosen so that you can reach any part of that hutch for cleaning it properly.

Type of Hutch:

Indoor rabbit hutches are safer for rabbits than outdoor rabbit cages for rabbits. Once you keep your rabbit in indoor cages all members of your family and your guests will get into touch with it and thus the rabbit will get familiarized with all of them quite easily.

Size of Hutch:

Experts suggest to choose a rabbit cage at least four times the rabbit’s length. As rabbits grow with time, rabbit cages require to be chosen accordingly so that a newborn rabbit can properly fit in that cage and will fit comfortably after growing in length. A room for the rabbit needs to be catered so that it can grow and it needs to have enough space within the cage to stretch and run around as well as hide. So choose a larger rabbit hutch to provide you rabbit adequate space in its home to live happily.

Style of Cage:

Although hutch-and-run style for a cage is a more conventional and common way for housing rabbits, an ideal hutch requires an open space for exercise and a sleeping area so that your rabbit fulfils your essential needs.

Rabbit Cage Flooring:

Droppings of your rabbit can be easily passed through to a collection tray below if a metal grate or mesh is there is a part of the cage or hutch. If a slide-tray is kept underneath the wired mesh floor of your rabbit hutch or cage, that can help to protect your rabbit from getting attacked by urinary tract infection by making the clean-up process convenient and easy for you.

Rabbit Hutch Accessories:

A drip-feed water attached to the cage for putting freshwater, stainless steel or ceramic food bowls for keeping food are required as hutch accessories.

Top rabbit cages and hutches for indoor Reviews

There is a wide variety of products in the market to choose from. But we narrow down the best list for you and your beloved pets to keep it safe.

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Living World Deluxe Habitat

This cage surely meets the crucial safety measurements which are needed for a rabbit. The lower portion of this cage is made with plastic and the upper portion is made with wires which makes this cage much comfortable and well ventilated.

The red arched wired top and the white wires provide an elegant style. The top can be opened in two parts and there is also a door that means the inside of the cage can be easily accessible. There is a balcony and a ramp so that the rabbit can easily get up the balcony and under the balcony, there is a comfortable hideout place for the rabbits.


  • This product is available in 3 different sizes- Large, X- Large, Standard.
  • Includes a balcony with ramp access and a safe food dish which is stuck at the balcony floor.
  • Epoxy finish secures the cage for the pets so that they can run and play freely without harming themselves.
  • The arched wired top can be removed in two parts and the door makes this cage easily cleanable.
  • There is a leak-proof water bottle and a hay guard which keeps the pet’s stomach full and keeps them hydrated.

Dimensions: 46.9 x 22.8 x 24 | 37.8 x 22.5 x 6.7 | 30.5 x 18.8 x 19.7 inches

Accessories: Leak-proof water bottle, Hay guard, Balcony, Ramp and a tip-proof food dish.


  • Different sizes available to store one or more rabbits
  • The cage is well ventilated which means there would be no breathing problem.
  • Openable top makes this cage easily cleanable
  • No tools are required to assemble this cage


  • The base is made with plastic and there is no removable plate to keep the cage mess-free

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Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor

Here is another popular model of rabbit cage that comes with a  removable metal wired floor to provide you ease at the time of cleaning. Have a look at what is included in this Aivituvin Rabbit Cage.


  • The removable floor of metal wire above the tray keeps your rabbit safe when you have to pull out a drawer for washing.
  • Four wheels have been provided so that you can easily move it. Among those two are lockable to hold your rabbit cage in place. The lock has been designed uniquely to protect your pets against attacks of predators. This rabbit case is ideal for maintaining high safety for your beloved rabbits.
  • The deeper pull-out tray does not leak. A generous lip has been given to prevent water, urine and other liquids from spilling over edges.
  • A wooden cage with good architecture will offer you a chance of self-painting. It has gained popularity among rabbit-owners to a great extent for its hassle-free maintenance facility and huge space.
  • Rabbits will be kept safe from overgrown teeth problems for steel feeders with wooden chewers that Aivituvin has not forgotten to include.
  • You can watch what your pet is doing in its cage through open roofs, side windows, front access doors and pen cover at the top. You can catch rabbits as well as clean this house from any direction as it is much easier to use.

Dimension: Aivituvin Rabbit Cage measures 40.4” L*23.6” W*28.3” H and vast enough for keeping up to two rabbits and withstands unlimited weight.

Accessories: Rabbit chewing toys along with metal feeder is provided as additional accessories to prevent your pet from chewing its cage.


  • Quick assembly
  • The environment inside is kept warm for a blacktop roof.


  • A bit heavy-weight for wooden architecture

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Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Here is a single unit rabbit habitat from Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation which is preferred by most of the users for its easy moving facility which is ensured by its 4 wheels. Let’s see what it offers.


  • A single-story and two other stories have been included where rabbits can live comfortably. If you have more than one rabbit, you can use this rabbit cage where all your rabbits will live comfortably.
  • Both the cages come with an easily fixable and removable shelf for giving you the ease of cleaning. An adaptable shelf, single pan, four adjustable wheels have been provided. You can move the cage anywhere anytime smoothly with the help of these four wheels.
  • A high-quality pan is provided so that rabbits can play there comfortably. The added ramp cover ensures leak protection.
  • As this hutch is built with wires, the wire gap appears to be crucial for rabbit entertainment. 13 gauge wire prevents your pet from dangerous fall.
  • Full-width double doors give maximum access for easy feeding and cleaning.
  • Dual latches on the door provide a chance of one-handed secure operation.
  • 1 /2” horizontal spacing and 0.6” tube in each corner will allow your pet to explore in a safe environment.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided by Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation.
  • Grey quartz hammertone finish has added another elegance to its look and this rabbit hutch will perfectly match with the interior of your house.

Dimension: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation rabbit cage measures 36” L*25” W*38.5” H.

Accessories: No accessories are included. Tubes, hammocks, toys and other accessories for your rabbit cages made by Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation are sold separately.


  • Ramp cover
  • Locked casters
  • Anti-leak pan


  • Rust protection is not guaranteed
  •  No color variation available

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MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

This extra-large rabbit cage is much bigger in size and contains such features that could be very helpful to keep the pets inside it. Midwest has managed to produce this cage with expandable parts that can be bought separately as per requirements. The top wire part has 1-inch mesh spacing which enables the pets to breathe freely and they can be seen easily from a distance. This cage also contains a balcony that can be accessed with a ramp and on the balcony, there is a food dish stuck on the balcony floor so that the pets cannot spill the food. The 5.5-inch deep plastic base contains the litter and mess.


  • No tools are needed to assemble this cage.
  • 5-inch deep plastic base to contain litter and mess created by the pets.
  • This cage can be extended with both of the wire extension and rabbit hutch extension to make the space bigger.
  • An elevated platform to feed the pets which is ideal for rabbits
  • Free hay feeder, water bottle to keep the pets full and healthy.

Dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6 x 19.7 inches

Accessories: Water bottle, hay feeder, feeding bowl, elevated food area, ramp.


  • 5-inch deep plastic base helps to keep the litter
  • 1-inch mesh gaping makes this cage well ventilated and pets can be seen from a distance
  • The secure feeding bowl prevents the food from spilling.


  • Cleaning this cage is much hectic

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Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

This extra-large Krolik rabbit cage would be the perfect one for those who want to keep their pet in a more luxurious way. All the wood hutch extension makes a perfect habitat for your furry pet so that he/she would get a perfect place to eat or drink from. There is a powder-coating wire top that ensures the longevity of the cage and 5.5 inches of easy to clean deep plastic-based tool that contains all the litters of rabbits. The large spacious and comfy room gives your pet sufficient pleasure and full front door access for easy cleaning. This quality product comes under a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


  • The wood hutch extension portion of the cage gives your pet privacy.
  • There is a full top door equipped with a lock and ideal for nesting.
  • Double XL living place provides pleasure to your little bunny.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Access is convenient.
  • One year Ferplast Quality Guarantee.

Dimensions: 55.9*23.62*19.7 inches


  • Rabbit cage includes a Feeding bowl, large water bottle, Hay feeder, elevated feeding area that are perfect for rabbits.
  • There is a shelf to position the feeding bowl.
  • The drinking bottle is tacked to the cage net of a capacity of 600 cc.
  • There is also the presence of a water-level indicator and an anti-drop steel valve.
  • Comes with the innovative design with wire net and bottom is knocked down.
  • The opening door and front side allows quick maintenance.


  • Extra-large comfy living place.
  • Several amenities can be enjoyed by your pet.
  • Convenient access.


  • A bit of a quality issue.

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Prevue Hendryx Blue & White Small Animal Cage Stand

With 1-inch wire spacing, Prevue Hendryx Blue & White Small Animal Cage with stand  is suitable one for your little furry pets. There are two doors, one on the top and another on the side, to help you to gently take them out and play with them. In case you feel like taking your pet out in an airy environment, you can easily move the cage from room to room or from indoors to outdoors with the help of this Tubular steel moving stand. The cleaning becomes easier with the removable comfort-weave mesh grill and a 6.25-inch deep debris tray.


  • Heavy-duty Tubular steel stand consists of a plastic base.
  • Non-Hazardous, powder-coated finish.
  • Wire spacing cage.
  • Easy accessibility.

Dimensions: 47*25.5*37 inches


  • Non-toxic powder coated texture gives a certain cleanup.
  • With the help of a Tubular stand, the cage can be moved from indoor to outdoor.


  • Easy cleanup.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • It can be opened from the top and front sides.


  • Flimsy metal is used.
  • Weak thin-walled frame.


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Yaheetech Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch

Yaheetech has managed to make this metal hutch for rabbits. The four wheels at the bottom help this ferret to be mobile and the body of the cage is very much durable. Scroll down to get to know more about this product.


  • Made with powder-coated metal square tubes and wires and the paint is a non-toxic hammertone which makes it look very much stylish. At the bottom of this cage, there are 4 heavy-duty casters which mean there is a guarantee of high load.
  • There is an enormous place for the rabbits to exercise and have fun all the time. There are 5 durable sliders and if it gets removed then the space inside would be much bigger.
  • 3 arched doors keep the rabbits safe when no one is around to take care of it. The arc locks prevent the pets from opening the doors and the corners are rounded so that the rabbit does not get harmed. Three doors made this cage easily cleanable also.
  • There are 4 wheels which can rotate this cage in any direction by applying less amount of force. It also comes with a wall-mounted water feeder and a pet bowl.

Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 52 inches

Accessories: This cage comes with different kinds of accessories which helps the rabbits in various ways. This cage includes a water feed bottle, a pet bowl, 5 different floors and 5 sliders.


  • There is big enough space for 4 rabbits.
  • This can be rolled anywhere and in any direction for the 360 degree rotating wheels.
  • 3 doors make this cage easily cleanable and easy for maintenance.
  • Rabbits can stay securely inside the cage.


  • Two bottles of hay feeder have to be added daily

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Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage with Deeper Removable Tray

Give your pet a comfy atmosphere and a spacious room with a Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage with a Deeper Removable Tray. This pull out tray can be easily removed to have an easy cleanup and a removable floor requires less effort during washing. Ultra durability is due to the solid wood and wire material and thus offers a comfy atmosphere where he/she needs to hang out and privacy. The top access and the handy front door give you the accessibility to clean or add hay, and also the room can be opened when required, it is because of the pneumatic stay bar.


  • Water-based paint is harmless for your pet.
  • Setting up is too convenient.
  • Sufficient for 1-2 rabbits.
  • The removable tray is deeper and will not leak out.
  • It is made of wood.
  • Easily removable floor requires weekly washing.

Dimensions: 38.2″ L x 19.6″ W x 33.8″ H inches


  • Side enclosed part is used as sleeping rooms or bathrooms.
  • Easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes.
  • Water-based paint is safe for rabbits.
  • The solid wood construction and robust wire are good for indoor use.
  • Easy to maintain front door entrance, top access, and slide-out tray where you can subsequently change the bedding, food, and water without any hassle.


  • The size is sufficient for two rabbits.
  • Grey and white trim is a good one to choose.
  • Easy setup.


  • The wire rack is not available above the sliding tray.
  • Cleaning is not convenient as rabbits need to be removed and there is a chance of escaping.

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Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

Amazon Basics has introduced standard, large and jumbo-sized cage for pet habitats with essential accessories. The jumbo size is ideal for keeping small-sized animals like rabbits. Know more about it from the description provided below.


  • The upper frame with iron wires and base designed with PP plastic ensures longevity to this cage.
  • It has been ideally designed including front openings and large tops for providing users with a chance of easy access. You can have a look at your pet’s activities inside this cage. Remove your pet safe from the hutch using those openings and tops.
  • Underneath the balcony, a hide-away space has been added so that the pet inhabitants of this cage can maintain privacy.
  • Assemble this hutch easily without any help of tools. For performing ailment, upper and front doors have been added to the cage.


Dimension: This pet habitat measures 48.6” L*26.6” W*20.6” H and ensures enough space for ventilation and optimal viewing. Your rabbit will get an adequate place for playing inside this cage that comes with a plastic floor covered by an iron wired top. Amazon Basics has added a balcony within the limited space of this pet habitat so that your pet rabbit can have a peaceful sound sleep.

Accessories: A non-drip bottle for keeping water and hay guard is included as additional accessories. You will get a feeder along with this package of pet habitat.


  • The jumbo-sized cages come with enough space inside it
  • Water bottles prevent unwanted drops
  • Your rabbit will sleep peacefully under the shade given by balcony option with stairs
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Easy movement facility


  • Lack of dirt drainage facility and plastic body make the floor slippery

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PURLOVE  Wooden Bunny Cage 

Your furry cute little pet deserves a spacious home where your pet will get all the amenities to roam and explore. Purlove Deluxe Rabbit Hutch is crafted with various rooms that help your pet run freely on every floor.

Well, the first-floor play area has Cypress Fir Wood borders and powder-coated rabbit-safe wire mesh panels to give your pet a well- ventilated room to blow off clean air easily. The second floor consists of a weather-proof asphalt roof which gives your pet the utmost privacy, shelters, and comfort. Easy accessibility is the key feature of this room that your furry pet always wants.


  • Classic cottage-style design.
  • Non-hazardous paint finish.
  • Weather-proof roof.
  • 3 built-in entry doors with safeguard locks.
  • Easy clean up with 3 built-in removable sliding trays.
  • Powder-coated wire paneling is made for your gentle pet.
  • The ladder ramp is connected.
  • The dual roof design can hide your pet while external attack.


Overall  size: 62*18*36.8 inches


  • Cypress Fir Wood borders are used as an accessory to maintain clean air.
  • 3 built-in entry doors for easy accessibility.
  • 3 built-in sliding tray for easy cleaning up.
  • The interior ladder lamp provides good accessibility to your pet to run up and down.


  • Spacious room for your pet gives him easy accessibility.
  • The paint that is used is non-toxic.


  • The screw holes of the asphalt roof are smaller and so that it is hard to find.
  • The bottom is made of metal instead of wire.

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Buying Guide for Rabbit Cages and Hutches

In order to keep rabbits at home, people must have knowledge of the proper setup that is required. Here an entire buying guide and important tips that need to be taken into consideration have been provided.

The size of the Rabbit Hutch

The primary concern for people before buying a rabbit hutch needs to be the size of the rabbit hutch. This is mainly because the hutch or the cage has to be carried and kept outdoors and indoors. Further, management of spaces at home also becomes a crucial factor and the rabbit also needs to be kept in an open and fresh area. Space also needs to be adjacent to an area where there is a water passage facility so that it can be cleaned once it becomes dirty.

Thus the size of the hutch becomes an important factor and people need to decide the size of the hutches in which they want to keep the animal.

Styles of the Rabbit Hutch

There are different styles and types of Rabbit hutches and these are mainly developed so that the animal can experience a soothing environment when they are inside. Rabbits are quiet and friendly pets and try to spend most of the time in their hutches nibbling through their carrots or other foods. So here are the different styles of rabbit cages and Hutches that can be kept:

Hutch and Run Cage

Hutch and Run Cage of the Rabbit is a single cage with different facilities. In this cage, there is a separate sleeping area for the animal and there is an open space where the rabbit can hop around. There are separate areas for keeping water and food items. This is a comfortable set up but this type of cage requires large spaces.

Standing Hutches

Standing Hutches look like hutches placed on a table. These hutches are placed above the ground and have four long legs. The size can vary as per the demands of the buyer. Space inside can be decorated and manipulated as per the choice of the buyer and this can be decorated like a Hutch and Run cage.

Stacked Cages

Stacked cages are made out of metal wires and stands and are multiple floored. The cages are developed and kept one above the other with support on four metal stands. This is advantageous because many rabbits can be easily kept in the same floor area. However, the challenge with these types of cages is that they become very dirty within a short amount of time. Moreover, maintenance and purchase costs of these types of cages are very high. As these cages cannot be carried out proper airflow and temperature for the animals have to be arranged indoors.

Suspended Cages

Suspended cages are hanging metallic wire cages that are placed above the ground in a hanging position. These cages can be easily carried around and usually contain one or two rabbits in one cage. These cages are small in size and can be easily cleaned. However, rabbits usually do not feel comfortable in these cages because of the small space.

Accessories for the Rabbit Hutch

There are different types of accessories that can be kept inside the hutch for the animal to feel stress-free and develop good bonding with the owner. A list of few items has been given below:

➢  Hays for flooring

➢   Small Hideouts

➢   Toy carrots

➢    Drinking trays

➢    Food trays

➢  Small swings

Wooden slabs as connectors or bridges and paths

Edible twigs

All these items are thoroughly enjoyed by the animal. Rabbits usually prefer soft things that they can nibble through. If your pet prefers anything that belongs to you and is not very important, you can put it in the cage too. But remain careful, it must not be harmful to the rabbit, because you never know when they will eat it up.

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How to choose the best Rabbit Cage for your home?

These points need to be thoroughly kept in mind before choosing the best rabbit cage for your pet

  1. The number of rabbits that you will own. In the case of one or two rabbits buying a hutch and run cage is best if you have space. Instead, a standing hutch can be made in a modified manner. In case of many rabbits, there is no alternative other than stacked cages or suspended cages.
  2. If you have people who can regularly clean the cages, go for Hutch and Run or standing Hutches. Otherwise, it’s best to buy stacked or suspended cages. They are easier to clean.
  3. If you have cats and dogs or other such pets at home buy a suspended cage or standing hutches. Rabbits fear these animals and they may also attack the rabbit up close causing it to die out of fear.
  4. Finally, buy a cage of a material that is water-resistant. Try to avoid wooden cages as washing it reduces its longevity. Try poly carbonate, plastic or metallic cages.
  5. Decide the area of your home that is spacious and has proper sunlight, water, and fresh air and then decide the size of your rabbit cage and number of rabbits. Rabbits need these natural elements to remain healthy.

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Final Words

As pet owners consider rabbits as their family members, they are always ready to offer the best comfort and care to their “furry friend”. Apart from food and medical treatments, the rabbit needs a safe place or a home where they can carry on their essential activities in peace so that no outsider can disturb their peaceful life.

There are a lot of rabbit cages or hutches available in the market furnished by wood, poly carbonate, and plastic which are harmless to the peace-loving creatures who require a little care. If you want a clean and odor free home, hutches and cages are the best options for your “furry friend”.

Apart from the protection of your beloved rabbits, the issue of health and hygiene of your family members also turn out to be vital. If you keep your pet rabbits inside a hutch you do not have to worry for its safety. At the same time, your kids will be entertained with their sweet friends. Choose a rabbit hutch from the list as per your budget and give your rabbits an enjoyable life. Order a rabbit hutch and protect your rabbits from other harmful animals.


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