Best Guinea Pig Cages in 2022: Expert Reviews

Guinea pigs make great house pets, especially for families with children considering a pet for the first time. They are cute, fluffy, small, and easy maintenance. Guinea pigs take up very little room and need a specific spot, making it safer to have in a house with children.

I remember when I first got a guinea pig. Finding the perfect cage was difficult. All the different styles, sizes, and construction materials had me overwhelmed, so I did a lot of research to narrow down the best guinea pig cages.

Although they are easy to care for, guinea pigs have specific needs you should cater to, starting with a perfect living setup. Well, set up guinea pigs cages must meet a few specifications for your furry friend to be happy and healthy.

Since your guinea pig will be spending most of its time inside the cage, choosing a pen with the right features is very important. The best guinea pig cage setup must be spacious, have more floor space, be very comfortable, be accessible, and must have a balcony and hiding nook. To learn more, check the buying guide below.

I reviewed a ton of cages of different style, size, and construction material to give you this list of best guinea pig cages.

My top pick is the Living World Deluxe Habitat. Along with the usual features, this is my favorite because the combination of size, durability, portability, and access is perfect. It comes in three sizes, but I got the extra-large cage for my guinea pig as it is more spacious.

Our Top Picks for the Best Guinea pig Cage:

Want to get your guinea pig the best housing? Here are the top 10 guinea pig cages we have picked for you to consider.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

My top pick and one of the best cages for your guinea pig is the Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat. I recommended keeping extra-large guinea pig cages indoor for your guinea pig to keep it happy and healthy, and this cage is the perfect option.

It uses durable plastic and metal materials, making it sturdy and chew-resistant. It comprises a plastic pan and wired frames and roof. It has a solid floor to ensure your pet’s feet won’t hurt. The pen has two half-length arched ceiling hatches offering accessibility inside the cage.

The dimensions of the cage is 46” x 22”x 24”. It can accommodate up to three guinea pigs while giving them a lot of room for them to run around.

The cage has a hiding compartment for your little piggy to get some alone time for peace. The extra-large cage has a hiding nook spacious enough for two guinea pigs.

It contains a tip-proof food dish that you can clip to the balcony floor to keep your pig’s food in the place. It also includes a water dispenser, a hay guard, and a balcony with a ramp.

Besides, this cage is very easy to clean despite being large! Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat offers ease of cleaning. You can pop the latches and take the base off to clean and reattach. Make sure to clean out all the nooks and crannies to maintain proper cleanliness for your pet.


  • Solid plastic bottom base to prevent guinea pig’s feet from hurting.
  • Easy accessibility through two half-length domed ceiling hatches.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance by simple detaching the base.
  • Comes with water dispenser, food dish, hay guard, and a balcony.
  • Contains a hiding nook big enough to fit two guinea pigs at once.
  • Constructed durable plastic and metal materials making it sturdy.


  • Flimsy water dispenser not suitable for the quality of the cage.

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Guinea Habitat Plus

Guinea pigs are happiest in bigger spaces; they require more room to frolic around. The second best guinea pig cage on the list is the Guinea Habitat Plus, a proud MidWest Homes product. It is large and designed for your guinea pigs’ comfort.

The best feature of this cage is that it allows you to connect several compartments to make it larger. It is 8 square feet in size, to which you can expand to make 16 feet or more.

The cage has a durable base that is leak-proof and scratch-resistant. It has wired frames and an interior wall to divide the cage into two sections. The divider wall has a padded ramp that can be locked in place, allowing your guinea pigs to walk over to the other part.

The cage has a thin metal top and canvas base, making it lightweight but durable. It is spacious and has multiple access points making it easier to clean. All the components of the cage are washable, making it easy to remove old bedding and dirt.

It has a multi-access collapsible roof. It is safe to remove and allows you to interact with your piggy. A guinea pig cage size is one of the essential features to consider while choosing a cage. This large and expandable cage is one of the best options when you want to keep guinea pigs together.


  • Ample space of 8 square feet and can expand to 16 or more.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate more than two guinea pigs.
  • Waterproof, sturdy and durable base lined with PVC canvas.
  • Constructed with washable components easy to remove dirt.
  • Innovative multi-access folding top allowing smooth interactions.
  • The cage folds flat for secure storage or transport to a new place.



  • You need to buy an additional dividing panel and ramp separately.

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LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Cage

Next in line is one of the DIY guinea pig cages. The LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Cage comes with 16 wire panels you can mix and match to build a custom-designed living space for your guinea pigs.

The wire panels are high-quality coated steel connected with easy-snap corner brackets that secure the groups making the cage sturdy. The ABS connectors make it easy to connect. Assembling this could be a fun DIY project even for children.

You can use the panels to make roof coverings. Or you could keep the roof open and place a drape for privacy when needed. You can cinch the pieces off to change the positioning and redesign the layout.

Overall this cage is exceptionally versatile and functional. You can create your layout to fit in your living space suitable to your decor. You can expand the size when you want more guinea pigs living together. It is also easy to disassemble for transporting and storing away.

I suggest you get two sets or more to make it more creatively customizable.


  • Customizable cage with 16 high-quality coated steel wire panels
  • Allows easy construction with 26 ABS multi-angle connectors
  • Modular and multi-functional, easy to take down and re-structure
  • Requires less space for storage as you can take it down entirely
  • Accommodates two guinea pigs; Expandable to fit more than two
  • No roof allows ease of access and interaction with the guinea pigs


  • You need to place it on the ground as it has no cleanable floor attached.

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Amazon Basics Small Animal Habitat

Next, we have the Small Animal Habitat; a quality enriched cage created by Amazon Basics. The sturdy iron wire frame provides maximum aeration and visibility. It is lined with a strong and durable, deep PP plastic base.

The cage has a balcony with an accessible access ramp for your piggy to walk up. And, has a unique hideaway underneath the balcony ramp. Its two access points – the top opening or large front door – allows easy access and interaction with your pet.

Moreover, the cage is easy to install. With just a few snaps, you can assemble it, that too, without tools. The detachable top is easy to cinch, making cleaning much quicker. Moreover, it comes fully-equipped with a water dispenser, hay guard, and a food bowl.

I recommend you to choose the jumbo size whose dimensions measures to 47”x 23”x 20”, and is spacious for accommodating two guinea pigs.


  • Sturdy & durable with iron wire upper frame and PP plastic base.
  • Has multiple-access points – the top opening and large front door.
  • Fully-equipped with a water dispenser, hay guard, and a food bowl.
  • Includes a balcony with easy access ramp and a hideaway beneath it.
  • Quick and easy to detach – making it easy to maintain cleanliness.
  • Can be placed indoors and moved to outdoors as it is easy to install.


  • The quality of wiring is not up to the mark – could crook or tarnish.

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Critter Nation Single Unit, Model 161

The Critter Nation 161 by MidWest Homes is our next pick, and one of my favorites. This cage ensures a secure environment for your guinea pig. It is easily accessible and allows quick cleaning.

This cage is comparatively more expensive, but the high-quality 36”x 24”x 39” cage is worth the price. The sturdy wiring makes the cage secure and durable. The design features a full-width solid pan floor made with heavy-duty plastic and has full-width double doors.

The cage features dual-locking latches and ½” horizontal wire spacing making it critter-proof. But, it is also easy to open to maintain cleanliness.

The cage has a spacious balcony giving it a double story attire and a swing-up locking ramp, which is well enclosed to protect your piggy’s tiny little feet. The bottom of the shelf has bars where you can hang toys and treats for your pet.

The cage is elevated from the ground with strong stands and has a shelf underneath, which you can use to store the food or hay. The wheels under the cage allow mobility. You can take the pen outdoors to let your guinea pigs enjoy some fresh air.

I would recommend you to consider this cage for your guinea pig. This cage stands out and adds a fun element in your room while being the perfect home to your furry little buddy.


  • High-quality wiring of the cage ensures security and durability.
  • Full-width plastic pan provides space to frolic and move around.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty and leak-proof plastic components.
  • Four locking casters allow you to move the cage and lock in place.
  • Dual locking hatch and ½” horizontal wire spacing for security.
  • Full-width double doors enable maximum accessibility to clean.


  • Relatively expensive and cumbersome; assembly requires more time.

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Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home

Even though this cage is for rabbits, the Wabitat Deluxe Rabbit Home makes a comfortable home to guinea pigs. The enclosure powder-coated wire with 1” bar spacing enhances ventilation and visibility.

The cage features multiple-access points – one large front door and two side doors that allow you to open the cage for feeding and interacting with your pets. The dimensions of the cage measures to 47” x 23” x 19”. It has a 5.5” plastic pan to hold bedding and is easy to detach for cleaning.

The cage has an elevated balcony with a stationary food bowl to serve treats. The bottom of the elevated platform creates a nook for your pet to hide in peace. The kit also includes a water dispenser, a food bowl, and a hay guard.


  • An elevated platform with a stationary food bowl to serve treats.
  • A hollow nook under the platform for your pet to have privacy.
  • 5.5” detachable plastic pan holds bedding and is easy to clean.
  • Comes with a water dispenser, a food bowl, and a hay guard.
  • Non-toxic powder-coated wire frames with 1” bar spacing.
  • Easy access through one large front door and two side doors.


  • Difficult to assemble – needs the use of a hammer to align to base.

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Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home

The Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home makes a great home for two guinea pigs. It has a durable metal wire frame and a deep, high-quality plastic base that secures your guinea pigs inside the cage even if you let the door open.

Use the cage more traditionally by filling the base with bedding or a pile of hay, making it very comfortable for your little pigs. They will love being cozy in their soft fluffy bedding.

The cage measures 4” x 20” x 20” in dimensions, which has enough room for your piggy to run around. It has a single opening on one side, but you can detach the entire top wired frame for cleaning. It is also easy to re-attach.

The kit includes all the essentials for your guinea pigs – a water dispenser and a food bowl. The design allows for easy mobility.


  • The cage can accommodate up to two guinea pigs together.
  • A deep plastic base that safely secures your guinea pigs inside.
  • Smooth Snap-On top made of durable powder-coated metal wire.
  • Easy to attach or detach the wire frame from the bottom for cleaning.
  • The kit includes essentials – a water dispenser and a food bowl.
  • Lightweight with a heavy-duty plastic module ensures mobility.


  • Doesn’t include a hide or ramp and has no extra room for toys.

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Ferplast Cavie 80 Guinea Pig Cage

The Ferplast Cavie is designed to ensure your guinea pig’s ultimate comfort. It has a solid, sturdy plastic floor and has a varnished, wired frame, and a base deep enough to hold bedding, dirt, and debris. It also prevents your guinea pigs from spilling out the litter and making your room a mess.

The cage is 30” x 18” x 16” in dimensions, ideal for a guinea pig. This traditional cage has a wide door that opens on one side and is wide enough for you to clean the cage. It also has a small access door on top.

The highlighting feature of the cage is the large shelf serving as a second floor with a hide underneath for your rabbit to get cozy in and sleep. The platform can be detached when you need extra space. It includes a water dispenser, a bowl for treats, and a hay guard.

This cage is an ideal home for one full-sized guinea pig. The pen is easily portable. It has everything your guinea pig needs and would make a great home to your pet.


  • Wire-frame and a solid bottom for guinea pigs comfort and safety.
  • Detachable extended platform with a spacious hide underneath.
  • Includes a hay dispenser, a food bowl, a water feeder, and a hide.
  • Deep base to ensure the bedding, dirt, and debris doesn’t fall out.
  • Wide door on the side offers convenient access and easy maintenance.
  • Design and color complements your decor while providing mobility.


  • Not spacious to accommodate more than one full-sized guinea pig.

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Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Although this is a hutch built for rabbits, this is one of the best guinea pig hutches you can choose. The measurements of the cage are 38.2” x 19.6” x 33.8”, which is small enough to fit indoors as well. The hutch is wooden, with metal grills on three sides. And it has an enclosed wooden room on one side.

The hutch is painted in a grey and white trim with non-toxic water-based paint and is safe for your pet. The traditional design complements your decor either indoors or outdoors.

The bottom has four wooden legs, lifting the cage up. The hutch has a front door, and the top of the pen sports a hinged roof, making it easier to clean. It also features a pull-out tray and a removable floor, enabling you to clean out all dirt and debris. It is ideal for a pair of two to three guinea pigs or other small rodents.

The enclosed wooden room is an excellent hideaway for your guinea pig to get cozy. This hutch looks excellent and blends in the room like furniture. It is an ideal home for your little friend.


  • Constructed with solid wood and sturdy wire ensures durability.
  • Small compact design suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to clean with a front door, top access, and removable tray.
  • Treated using non-toxic water-based paint for your pet’s safety.
  • Extra enclosed room giving animals a place to hide and sleep in.
  • Has four wooden pegs that lift the cage off the ground for safety.


  •  Leaves the bottom empty when you pull out the removable tray.

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PawHut Large Outdoor Log Cabin

The last on our list is another hutch, the Pawhut Log Cabin, that gives your guinea pig a luxury living! The fir wood construction of this pet mansion offers improved quality and durability.

The hutch measures 62.2” 24” 29.5” and can house up to three guinea pigs together. The cage is spacious and is treated to allow proper ventilation in humid weather and keeps warm during cold nights.

It features a front and top opening ensuring easy access for feeding, cleaning, and interacting. A ramp connects to the house on the second floor for your guinea pig to sleep inside.

The hutch is large enough so that you can add all essentials. Consider this guinea pig mansion to compliment your garden and ensure your little pig’s comfort and happiness.


  • Wide and spacious – can accommodate two to three guinea pigs.
  • Constructed with solid fir wood and heavy-duty galvanized wire.
  • Designed like a tiny mansion with a ramp connecting to the hide.
  • Easy to clean and maintain from the front door and the top access.
  • Specially designed shingle roof making the hutch water-resistant.
  • Extra enclosed room giving animals a place to hide and sleep in.


  • Requires additional weather-proofing – isn’t safe to endure rain.

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Complete Buying Guide

Although guinea pigs are comparatively easy to maintain, there are a few essential features you must consider while getting a cage for your guinea pig. Here’s what to consider when buying a pen:


When you buy a cage for your guinea pig, it is essential to find your pet’s ultimate comfort and the size of the cage matters. The ideal size for a guinea pig is a 30” x 36” cage. Although they require a relatively smaller space, try to get a spacious pen that doesn’t make them feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Floor Space

Guinea pigs are not the most excellent climbers and require spacious floor space to exercise and move around. It is recommended to increase floor space using platforms or balconies connected with a ramp to climb on.

Comfort Level

Comfort is vital for indoor pets that live inside a cage. So making the pen very comfortable is highly necessary. Guinea pigs don’t demand a soft foam bed, but they require comfortable bedding. Make sure to pick a solid-floor cage as guinea pig’s feet are delicate, and wire-floors may cause them pain.


Guinea pigs tend to chew on everything, including their cage. So make sure to use content your pig can’t eat its way out. The sturdiest cages are either made of plastic, metal, wood, or a blend of the three.

Ease of Cleaning

It’s essential to clean the cage regularly to provide a hygienic, safe, and odor-free setting. You need a clean cage to have a fresh guinea pig. Make sure the pen you choose is comfortable for you to clean. Guinea pig cages with a plastic base are the most popular choice as it is the easiest to clean.

Doors and Access Points

For doors and easy-access points, it the more, the merrier. You need easy access into the cage for cleaning, serving, and intermingling with your pet. Some doors include locks or latches to ensure your guinea pig’s safety.

Hiding Nook

Although guinea pigs enjoy walking or running around; they also need a nook for hiding. They want a more secure, private, and cozy place to hide in and sleep. It’s wise to choose a cage that comes with a built-in hiding nook, so you don’t have to buy separately.


A balcony or shelf adds dimension to the cage and combines a platform to allow your pet to have a better view. They like to have an elevated platform to rest on and look around. Make sure the platform connects with a ramp that isn’t too steep.

Outdoor or Indoor Use

Guinea pigs are known as indoor pets. However, they enjoy some time in the outdoors. Some cages are built specifically for outdoor use. I recommend you to get a pen you can use both indoor and outdoor because your guinea pigs deserve the best of both worlds.


A lightweight and a portable cage is always the ideal pick for people who often like to change their interior. It is also good to move your guinea pig around for the new experience. Cages with a plastic base are small enough and easy to travel. Otherwise, you will also find individual travel cages available in the store.


Multi-level cages are fun for guinea pigs to run around. Multi-level cages consist of wide ramps connecting to the platforms. But having multi-level may not be safe for baby guinea pigs as they may fall off and hurt themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best kind of cage for guinea pigs?

There are different ways to house a guinea pig. Keep them indoors, or outdoors, keep them in an aquarium, storage cube, hutch or a cage. Most people prefer a store-bought cage, and some people like to have their guinea pig cages homemade. But the store-bought cages are always the safest option.

Get a cage that is the right size, has adequate floor space, constructed with safe, non-toxic materials, has ease of access, has enough ventilation, and has a balcony and a hiding nook. A cage with plastic base and wired frames and top is the best. These are easy to clean and have more visibility.

Guinea pigs have a long life, so you should finance in a durable cage. Get a more expensive, sturdy, large, premium cage with a stand if you have space. In case you don’t have much space, get a multi level cage instead.

What size cage does a guinea pig need?

The size of a cage depends on how many guinea pigs you want to keep together. One guinea pig requires a pen of at least 7.5 square feet, as recommended by the Humane Society. For each additional guinea pig, the cage’s size should be 3 square feet more. The ideal size for a guinea pig cage is 30″ x 36″.

It is suggested to use multilevel cages or add platforms to create more space. If you have more than four or five guinea pigs, instead of housing your pets in a big cage, which will take up more living space, put them in separate cages.

What bedding is best for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs need comfortable bedding to keep them happy and healthy. Give them a thick layer of bedding so they can cover themselves in. Not giving them comfortable bedding will result in bumble foot – painful rashes and sores on your piggy’s feet.

There are different types of guinea pig bedding: paper bedding, wood shavings, wood pellets, and bedding granules.

The best kind of bedding for cavies is paper bedding. But paper bedding may be a little on the expensive side, you can use kiln-dried pine with a layer of paper bedding on top.

What is the best hutch for guinea pigs?

Pet owners commonly use hutches to house rabbits, but you can use it to keep guinea pigs. But I wouldn’t recommend you to keep your guinea pigs outdoors. They are very delicate and should be living indoors.

The best hutch for a guinea pig is the Pawhut Log Cabin that measures 62.2” 24” 29.5” and can accommodate two to three guinea pigs together.

It has separate playing and sleeping quarters. A ramp connects to the sleeping compartment on the second floor. The hutch is large enough to add all essentials. Overall, it is a big guinea pig mansion to give your piggy the ultimate luxury living!

What should guinea pigs have in their cage?

Guinea pig cages should have all the essentials to make them comfortable. Their cage needs deep bedding to sleep in, a water dispenser and a food bowl, plenty of fresh hay and a hay guard, pellets, fresh foods, and toys. Some people even add a hammock for their cavy.

Do guinea pigs need exercise?

Yes! Guinea pigs need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and prevent medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cardiac disease. To help your guinea pigs exercise to get them a more spacious cage so they can run around.

You can also let them out of the cage for some time, may in your garden or just in your living area. Be sure to keep an eye on them at all times!

Do guinea pigs make good starter pets for children?

Yes, guinea pigs make a great starter pet for older children as well as for adults. Guinea pigs are generally healthy and tend to live longer. They are relatively easy to care for, and they are not as fragile as rabbits. But younger children should not be allowed to hold guinea pigs without adult supervision.

How do you keep a guinea pig cage from smelling?

Keeping a guinea pig cage from smelling is quite simple. You have to make sure it’s kept clean! If you only have one, cleaning it once a week should suffice to keep the smell in check. If you have more than one, it might be challenging to get all your animals out of the cage and clean it of urine and feces.

Choosing the right bedding material can help. Some bedding materials are odor absorbent and stay dry so you can easily clean them. Avoid any moisture retaining bedding material, as cleaning them can be a grueling task.

You can litter train your guinea pigs. They can be litter trained by either moving their litter onto a designated spot or litter box or placing the box where they usually defecate. Once you train them, you can simply take it out, clean it of feces and urine, and put it back without ever having to move any of your cute critters.

How should you clean the cage?

Cleaning a guinea pig cage is very important; failing to do so would result in unwanted odors and can cause harm to your cavy’s health. To clean the cage, dump all debris, bedding, litter, dirt, or leftover food and hay into a trash bag. Dumb out the waste regularly, if possible, or at least once a week.

After dumping all the trash, use a hose or spray to wash it. If the cage is portable, take it to the bathtub to clean. For large and heavy cages, use a spray bottle to water and a cloth to wipe off the dirt.

Use a pet-safe cleaner to clean the cage or your pet’s essentials. Follow the instructions on the cleaner, and after cleaning, rinse it off thoroughly. Let the cage dry or use a cloth to wipe it dry.

Do guinea pigs need a bath?

Guinea pigs only need a bath when their fur is oily or dirty. To clean them, use water and pet shampoo for bathing them. Make sure not to put water on their ears, nose, and head.

Use a blow dryer on the temperature set to warm, dry them quickly after a bath. Wrap them in a towel until they are dry. Your cavies can catch a cold or fall sick if you leave them wet.

Final Words:

Guinea pigs can live on an aquarium, a storage cube, or a store-bought cage. And a store-bought pen is the ideal home for guinea pigs as it ensures maximum comfort.

I’ve done thorough research to provide you with ten of the best guinea pig cages. In case you’re still confused about which to pick, I have also narrowed down my Top 3 picks you can choose. But, the extra-large Living World Deluxe Habitat with the perfect combination of size, portability, durability, and access is my ideal pick.

Now that you have finished reading, you should have adequate knowledge of all the best guinea pig cages, as well as the features you should consider while buying a coop. So, go and get your little piggy, the perfect home! Good luck!