Best Chinchilla Cages to Buy in 2022

Human beings love to keep pets in their house to foster them and enjoy their company. Chinchillas are such small pets that we like to keep in our home to enjoy their company. They are great house pets as it’s require less maintenance.

Chinchillas are peaceful and are slowly reducing in numbers due to human encroachment, so keeping a pair at home also makes you feel contributing towards nature.

Best Chinchilla Cage

Keeping Chinchillas merely at your home without any proper maintenance and confined space leads to a mess. Maintaining an appropriate cage for all your Chinchillas with other essentials is perhaps the first step in maintaining proper health and hygiene.

Different types of cages with varied sizes and features help pet lovers to accommodate several pets together in a confined area. Check out the list of chinchilla cages, as mentioned below.

Important things that need to be taken into consideration while buying a chinchilla cage

Are you excited to grab the little rodent in your hand and play with him all day long? Sure, you are. But before you buy your tiny cute Chinchilla, one of the most important determinants is the cage.

Apart from proper nourishment and caring, you must keep Chinchilla in a safe and secure place. There are hundreds of cages available in the market, but there are certain features that need to be kept in mind before buying a cage.

Choosing the size of the cage by understanding the natural behaviors your Chinchilla

Initially, it is essential to understand the behavioral patterns of your Chinchilla. As they are very energetic, Chinchilla’s love to jump and climb, so there must be appropriate spacing.

According to the Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics, they recommend a minimum cage for adult Chinchilla at least 3*2*2 feet with a minimum of 2 square feet of floor space. Try to avoid wired cages, if you have no option left, place a wooden ply on the bottom so that your Chinchilla is not hurt.  

Levels of the Cage

You must select a cage that has multiple levels where your Chinchilla can rest, climb, or jump. Since Chinchilla can jump at the height of 6 feet, install a large cage.

 Inside of the cage should be well furnished

Apart from constant feeding bowls and freshwater, a well-furnished cage is required for their baths. As Chinchillas are incredibly dense with fur, they need regular dust baths to keep themselves tidy. Chinchilla Chronicle states that, if you are maintaining pairs of Chinchilla together, the cage must have hiding places for sleeping and distraction. The cages should have small boxes installed inside for sleeping and hiding purposes.

Placement Consideration

Make sure you place the cage in the right place . Chinchilla’s are super-sensitive towards heat. The cage temperature should not go above 80 degrees, or else your Chinchilla will die. The temperature should also not fall under 50 degrees as the natural habitat will face challenges.

Consider Noise, Commotion, and Environment of the cage

As Chinchilla’s should be kept as per natural habitat, make sure you buy a cage that is accessorized with necessary elements that make you Chinchillas feel like they are living with nature. You should buy a cage that is easily portable so that you can shift the cage into an isolated place where there is less noise or no noise. Loud noises will make them feel distressed, which will affect their sleep.

Our Top Picks for the Best Chinchilla Cage (Review):

1: Cat Playpen by MidWest Homes for Pets

Midwest Cat Playpen is one of the most familiar cages for a chinchilla. This deluxe cage by MidWest is technically marketed for cats, but this coop is also an appropriate one for chinchillas. Cat Playpen offers a vast space for your pet to move freely. This space is essential because chinchillas are running and jumping nearly all of the time.   

Beneficial Features:

  • This Chinchilla cage is ideal for 1 to 3 chinchillas, as it comes with an extended size 36L X 23.5W X 50.50H inches. It is a perfect size for a chinchilla to move freely and securely.
  • MidWest cat Playpen consists of a free chinchilla bed. It has an easy removal plastic pan that comes as a leak-proof material.
  • It has three adjustable resting platforms for your favorite pet. Not only that!! This cage is a portable one because it comes with four locking wheel casters that ease you to positioning the cage anywhere in your house. 
  • For easy cleaning and user-friendly access, there are two large size cabinet style front doors at both sides top and bottom. This cage comes with a lightweight design of 40 lbs, and it has 1W X 5.5 inches wire gauge. 
  • It has secure door latches that help you to easy access your chinchilla, and you can easily maintain the litter box. Moreover, it has a plastic tray that you can adjust and slide-out for cleaning. 
  • This cage is made with robust wire materials that provide a Black E-Coat finish for preventing any rust and damage. 
  • In terms of enhancing the flexibility, MidWest Cat Playpen comes with a full fold-down design. This cage offers you a 1-year manufacturing warranty; you cannot have to think twice before buying.    


  • This cage has a perfect size for more than one chinchilla
  • You will have a 1-year warranty 
  • Easily portable because of 4 locking wheels and fold-down design


  • Weight is a little bit heavy than other cages
  • Locking wheels are made of inferior materials

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2: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

The Critter Nation by MidWest is one of the most popular cages for chinchillas. You will get an option to buy this cage in both a single unit or as a double unit. If you have more than one chinchilla, then it will be better to buy a double unit cage. MidWest offers the customers an opportunity to extend their unit space. If you have already purchased a single unit cage, but later if you need to prefer the double unit, then you can add another unit separately.

Beneficial Features:

  • This cage offers full-width double doors that allow you to clean the cage easily and have better accessibility overall. It has two adjustable shelves and pans along with three plastic ramps.
  • It comes with an overall 36” L X 25” W X63” H size, and you do not need any tools or equipment to assemble this cage.  
  • It has an in-built stand that provides a shelf for storing food, toys, and chinchilla dust. If you buy the double unit, then you will have four levels of a staircase for your chinchilla’s free hangout.
  • At the bottom level, it provides a floor plan that helps to contain water, and you can easily do your cleaning. The additional shelves of fourth and second are easily adjustable in height. 
  • This cage is entirely compatible with several accessories, and your chinchilla has a vast space to play freely. It has a ½” horizontal and 0.6” square wire spacing that allows your pet to climb instinctively and explore the cage securely. 


  • This cage offers your chinchilla ample room to play
  • It has multiple levels of the staircase
  • The storage shelf is at the lower side
  • This cage is made with durable wire construction, and it is thoroughly chewing proof


  • You can easily clean the cage
  • Assembling may seem tricky and can take a few time
  • Price is high

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3: Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage


The Yaheetech 37/52-inch metal cage offers five ramps along with five various shelves. This cage is dedicatedly designed that it can easily say, your chinchilla will love to play endless hours in the cage.

 Beneficial Features

  • If you are looking to have a cage that is easy to assemble, then this cage will be an appropriate option for you. You just need to spend only 20 minutes to assemble the whole cage. 
  • This cage is constructed with the powder-coated square tube material along with wires. This cage comes with a non-toxic hammer tone paint that gives it a stylish look. 
  • It has 4-heavy duty casters at the bottom that can guarantee you to take a heavy load. You do not need to think about your pet’s safety anymore; this cage has two arched doors that are entirely secured with latches. This cage comes with a curved design, and all corners have a round shape so that you can ensure the safety of chinchillas from undesired injury.
  • As the cage is designed with 2-doors thereby you can easily clean the cage. It also has a side out-tray that you can remove according to your need to clean it weekly. 
  • Due to its vast size, this cage comes with 4-unlock wheels to move the entire thing quickly. The wheels are made with caster balls that make it easier for you to transport or carry the cage smoothly.   


  • Easy to clean the cage
  • It has two large doors
  • This cage is made of metal
  • It is entirely safe and secure
  • It has accessibility
  • This cage comes with five shelves and ramps


  • It has a rattling sound
  • There is no such side opening

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4: Homey Pet 3-Tier Chinchilla Crate

This chinchilla cage is much bigger, and it also comes with four wheels, which makes this cage portable. Homey Pet has manufactured this cage with a plastic base and metal wire cage for small pets like chinchillas. This cage has been designed with two plastic ladders and two plastic shelves so that your pets can have fun all the time. This cage can be very much handy, and the weight is much less compared to other cages. Let’s check out the features that this cage offers.

Beneficial Features

  • With the plastic bottom and the Urine guard, you can easily pull the trays, and it also helps the pets by keeping them healthy.
  • Two doors enable you to clean the upper and the lower portion of the cage and a pull-out tray underneath the cage, which can be pulled to clean up the mess that they made.
  • The separate plastic base keeps the pets from getting near the mess, and this decreases the chance of the confusion getting spread.
  • No tools are needed to assemble this cage, which makes the assembling part very easy and much less time-consuming.
  • The non-toxic powder coated surface of the wires keeps the wire from getting rusted, and rusted metal is not at all good for the health of the pets.


  • Four wheels make this cage portable
  • 0.5-inch wire bar spacing
  • Easy assembling
  • Plastic pull out tray 


  • The bottom is made with plastic which can be cut easily by the chinchillas
  • The shelves are not much durable compared to others.

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5: Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Cage

This hutch is ideal for keeping more than two chinchillas. This cage has two different floorings, and each floor has a door. Inside there are two plastic shelves and three plastic ramps in which chinchillas can have fun all the time, and the ramps are interconnected to the floors. The large hinged doors provide the pet parents ease of cleaning. There are four wheels under the cage that can roll the cage 360 degrees. There is a hammock also to keep the chinchillas entertained. Underneath the lower floor, there is a pull-out tray to clean up the mess that the pets have made. Let’s have a look at the features:

Beneficial Features

  • This cage is much spacious for 4 to 6 chinchillas. As the dimension is 31 x 20 x 54 inches, it provides enough space for six chinchillas.
  • This cage contains one hammock, two plastic platforms, and three plastic ramps that keep the pets entertained and let them have fun all day long.
  • Both of the doors are very big and have an escape-proof lock. These doors enable people to clean up quickly and thoroughly.
  • There is a lockable and pull able plastic tray that collects the mess that the pets make and lets the pet parents clean it up quickly. This feature keeps the cage clean and keeps the pets from getting near the waste.
  • There is a ⅞-inch space below the cage and above the wheels to store foods, toys, etc. for the pets.
  • Powder-coated metal wires make this cage durable and keep the pets healthy by keeping them away from the metal rusts.


  • Much spacious for six chinchillas.
  • Cage wires are durable.
  • Lockable pull-out tray 


  • There are no cons

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6:  Homey Pet 36″ or 30″ Black Wire Cage

HomeyPet wire cage is a three-tier cage specially designed in a manner that assures the safety and security of the pet. This cage comes up with unique features that enable you to fold and carry the cage along with you without the hazard of carrying any extra tools. This cage is featured with two doors to render easy access for the pets inside. The double doors feature allows you to fit larger pets in your rooms or any toys easily. Check out the special features offered in this product.

Beneficial Features

  • This cage is easily folded in a box that enables you to set up the cage easily and store it in a convenient place. 
  • The folding design saves your time in setting up the cage without any other tools.
  • This cage is paired with a durable ABS tray that helps in easy cleaning of the cage.
  • .Two thick shelves enhance the durability of the cage. 
  • This cage provides spacious and comfortable space for your pets.
  • It comes with a Lockable caster that enables easy mobility of the cage.
  • Two optional stairs are provided with the cage for pets who like to climb very often.
  • Two front doors and one side door enables buyers to decorate the crate more conveniently.
  • A Hammock of any random pattern is provided along with the cage that allows pets to find extra space to hang out. 


  • Pet parents can comfortably accommodate large pets in the cage.
  • Folding pattern and lockable caster helps in easy portability. 
  • Extra shelves increase the stability in using the cage.


  • Large dimension of 36” length X 23” Width X 51” Height is not so suitable for the safekeeping of small pets.

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7:  Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

Exotic Nutrition Mansion cage is a two-level cage with a complete metallic structure. No plastic material is included in this cage as such plastic shelves, trays, and even ladders are not provided with the cage. It is thus a complete chew-proof cage for your pets. It is very spacious, with a large cage size. It comes with metallic platform shelves, metallic ladders made up of wires, and two front doors to facilitate convenient accommodation of pets.

Beneficial Features

  • Exotic Nutrition Mansion cage provides massive space for accommodating small pets like Chinchillas, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, and debugs.
  • It is manufactured by experienced professionals of the HQ cage company with good quality material. 
  • It has a narrow bar spacing 0.5-inch width and 2-3mm thickness that prevents pets from escaping.
  • This cage is professionally coated with an animal-safe powder that enhances durability and can last for a lifetime. 
  • Exotic Nutrition Mansion cage comes with two solid metallic pull out trays of 1.25” depth, which facilitates easy catching of feces, debris and can thus be easily pulled out to clean.
  • This cage is paired with four wheels that enable you to move the cage effortlessly in any corner of your rooms and house as well. 
  • A unique accessory shelf is provided at the bottom of the cage that saves a lot of space and can be ideally used to store foods and other cage related items.
  • Exotic Nutrition Mansion cage comes with a customized ladder and shelf that can be easily rearranged and removed from the cage. 


  • A large number of small pets can be accommodated together in a single cage.
  • Highly secured with narrow bar spaces.
  • Customizable per requirements.
  • Metallic construction makes it a chew-proof cage for the pets.


  • This cage is large, requires a considerable amount of room spacing.

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8: Prevue Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose

This cage looks beautiful for the “Earthtone Dusted Rose” Hammer tone to finish. There are two platforms and two ladders inside the cage. The large door lets you have easy access to your pets, and if it is locked, then it can not be opened from the inside. At the bottom of the cage, there is a pullout grille and a pullout tray to clean the wastes and mess. There is a spacious space-cage underneath the pullout tray to store the favorites of pets such as toys, foods, etc. Four wheels make this cage roll able in any direction with ease. Let’s check the features of this cage:-

Beneficial Features

  • The dimensions of this cage are 31 x 20.5 x 40 inches, which means keeping 1 to 3 chinchillas is never going to be a problem.
  • The robust metal platforms and ladders keep the pets from chewing and keeps them in fun. These platforms and ladders are much durable, which can be used for years without any problem.
  • The large door in the front and the removable bottom grille helps the pet parents clean up the cage easily while keeping them busy inside the cage.
  • The storage-shelf can store the favorite things of the pets, and the wheels make this cage rollable in any direction.
  • The looks of the cage get enhanced for the powder-coated hammer tone finished wires. The cage also gets durability for this finish.


  • Storage Shelf helps to store the favorite things of the furry friends
  • The large door and the removable grille enables the pet parents to clean the cage while keeping the pets inside.
  • The cage is much durable, and so are the platforms and ladders.


  • There is only one door.
  • After some days, the tray leaks fluids.

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9: Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat is indeed a deluxe habitat featured with everything you need for the safekeeping of your pet rabbits. It is also suitable for keeping ferrets, Guinea pigs, and Chinchillas. This cage is a hybrid with an upper wire frame and a plastic base, which makes the cage extremely safe. It is a comfortable place for all your small pets with proper ventilation. It comes in an elegant design with a red wired top and white wired sides.

Beneficial Features

  • It is a complete habitat with everything that you need to keep your pets safely in your house. 
  • This cage is available in large sizes as per the size of the pets.
  • The individual cages for rabbits and guinea pigs can be quickly dried and cleaned regularly to ensure a healthy and happy stay of your pets.
  • The top wire can be easily opened in two separate parts, which enable easy access to the interior of the cage. 
  • This cage has a balcony paired with an access ramp and a food dish that is easily secured with the balcony floor. 
  • This cage also contains a small hiding space under the balcony that provides a quiet, secured, and cute hiding space for your small pets.
  • This cage also comes with an external water bottle, which is drip-proof and a hay guard, both being fixed outside the cage that saves interior space and helps in easy maintenance. 
  • This cage can be easily assembled with eight numbers of plastic clips without the use of any external tools.
  • It has a significant dimension of 46.9 X 22.8 X 24 inches and weighs 19 pounds.


  • It comes in elegant style and a composite structure to keep small pets.
  • The balcony and hiding area provides a quiet and secure place for your pets to stay calm.


  • Large pets cannot be accommodated in this cage.
  • Too many pets cannot be kept in this cage as it would become very clumsy.

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10: Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage

Dream home brings you the brand new chinchilla cage with a wide range of variety. First of all, this brand new dream home cage (24 X 17 X 38 inches) has got an abundance of space to offer to the Chinchilla. This cage has got enough capacity for the Chinchilla to stay healthy, active, and comfortable. The spacious facility will ensure a reasonable rate of metabolism for the Chinchilla. Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage has got a three-layered sturdy base with an efficient and modernized wheel, which enables for more comfortable relocation. 

Beneficial Features

  • The dream home has customized Chinchilla cage in a unique way, which ensures the owner gets easy access to the door for refilling food.
  • The gates are shaped by keeping in mind that the user should not worry about the Chinchilla escaping away.
  • To give the pet a comfortable environment, the spaces of the wires are limited to 0.8 inches.
  • To make the cleaning much more comfortable and burden less, Dream home has customized this cage with a removable tray. The waste extracted by the Chinchilla is accumulated in the tray, and the user can wash it by pulling it away from the bottom surface of the cage.
  • The metal plate bottom ensures much stiffness and prevents the pet from escaping away. 
  • The metal base is also coated with a non-toxic powder coating to prevent rusting.
  • The powder-coated surface helps the Chinchilla to lead a perfect and balanced life.


  • Wheels are finely customized with relocation factors as well as a lockable system.
  • Three tiers of levels, which ensures users to keep a maximum of 3 numbers of Chinchilla.
  • Resistance for the Chinchilla to chew the plastic.
  • Highly compact with ergonomic design.


  • Assembling is difficult for users.
  • Most users complain about the fittings of the customize able part.

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Some essential tips for choosing the best cage for your pet Chinchilla:

Chinchilla, a tiny cute animal and the most adorable one to embrace them as a pet. The 14 inches of small creature is similar to the Guinea Pig, and you could not resist yourself bringing it to your home. Well, there are some tips to choose the best chinchilla cage.

While selecting a cage for a pet, certain things should be kept in mind like size, safety, and accessibility are the key factors to be considered while choosing. 


 As far as size is concerned, the chinchilla cage requires sufficient space for two pets to move to and fro. The cage should be large enough, such as 12 feet of cubic space is the minimum necessary to accommodate two chinchilla babies. However, the larger the cage, the more toys can be kept to acquire fun activity for them. Moreover, a taller cage will be preferred as these tiny chinchillas are mountain natives and love to jump and climb. A ramp would be a better choice for chinchilla as a multi-level cage with platforms and perches would be preferred amongst all. 

Generally, 3*2*2 feet cages are considered to be a perfect cage for chinchillas. And the size is only for one pet. 

Safety and Material:

Choosing a heavy-duty material gets precedence over plastic material cages. Being an acrobatic animal, robust material cages always withstand the ample of stunts that your energetic pets will perform inside. 

However, a wire-cage is an attractive choice for your chinchilla pet as air circulation can be done thoroughly in all of its four walls. This feature is conclusive to prevent heat stroke amongst your pets if you live in a humid place. 

It needs to be remembered that chinchillas can firmly retain moisture as they have dense coats, and thus, fungal infections can readily be exposed.

But, you should always evade the base which is wired. Reliable support is preferred as it takes care of your pet’s soft feet, and lack of any gap maintaining your pets’ feet could not slip through. To make your pet comfortable, you need to line the base tray using a fleece bedding.

However, a metal cage would last long and make a great investment that you can easily afford. Opting for such a model that possesses sidewalls and sidebars is always a great choice.  

Moreover, it should be kept in mind that any kind of lead paint or galvanized coating is harmful to your pet’s health. So always opt for a powder-coated metal cage that will be less costly, and it guarantees your pet’s health. 


Being a cute and smart animal, they often go through physical and mental stimulation. Want your pet to be happy? You can keep plenty of toys and hideouts, chews for your happy chinchilla.

When you are in search of a cage, always make sure that your pet’s cage should be flourished with water, food dishes, and dust bath containers. 

Most of the cages have a storage stand, and this feature is very beneficial so that no additional space is required to store foods for your pet. Thus it would be more spacious to accommodate toys, house food, and hays.   


These mini creatures possess a super-dense furry body and hence do not be fooled by your pets’ seemingly having a chubby body. If they can squeeze your heads out from the space between bars, they could easily run away without a doubt. According to a good rule of thumb, 0.5 inches of bar spacing is always the best measurement to choose a chinchilla cage.


To build up strong interaction with your pets, the cage should always possess maximum accessibility and visibility. So, large doors chinchilla cages are always preferred. This criterion also helps cleaning and decorating your chinchilla cage as acceptable as possible.   

Ease of Cleaning:

Choosing a large cage is undoubtedly more beneficial as it reduces the frequency of cleaning. Only weekly maintenance is required if the cage is properly sized.  

However, according to the type of bedding, the cage tray should fit properly. For example, a shallow tray is more appropriate and allows you to wrap the material and clip it in place. On the other hand, 2 inches of a deep pan will be suitable if you choose loose bedding. Otherwise, litter and poop will jump out onto your floor while they play.


Taking care of Chinchilla is very satisfying, and while considering the above factors, size and safety could be the crucial factors while choosing the best chinchilla cage. Nevertheless, other tips should not be effaced as all the points are kept in mind to offer your pet chinchilla a safe, comfortable, and superb resident. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Chinchillas Need a Companion?

Yes, Chinchilla’s do need companionship. This pet is better to be kept in pairs or single-sex groups. These cute rodents are naturally sociable, and they prefer to live in groups in wilds. As you are petting them, it is better to provide them with good companionship by interacting with them daily. Chinchillas love the stay with young people. Chinchillas may die of staying alone. However, bonded pairs will not die if isolated. So, whenever you are buying Chinchilla, make sure you buy them in pairs of the same sex or opposite sex to make sure they live long. 

 What Kind of Cage Does a Chinchilla Need?

According to the “Veterinary centers of exotic animals and birds”, states that the minimum size of the cage requirement of a Chinchilla is 3 feet X 2 feet X 2 feet. If you are planning to keep more than one Chinchilla in a cage, the floor requirement is 2 square feet for each pet. You should get a space requirement of 3.5 square feet for each animal. It is always preferable for you to get a cage that is entitled with ladders and shelves for the Chinchilla to climb and play with its co-pet. However, it is worthwhile for the pet parents to avoid cage, which is made up of plastic made. Chinchillas are fond of chewing plastic, which is harmful to their health.

Are Chinchillas Cuddly?

No Chinchillas are not at all Cuddly. They love to stay in an isolated environment. They are against frequent handling and it makes them timid. Chinchillas also love being with their own kind and it is best not to per them very often. You can consider them as a cute pet but from far. People should not force a non-receptive Chinchilla for cuddling. In this view, it is better to state that these animals love to stay alone, depending on the hybridization. 

What Do You Clean a Chinchilla Cage With?

For instant cleaning, you can apply cotton pad and wet towels while you’re Chinchillas are in the cage. Cleaning rags and paper towels are suitable for cleaning and wiping the cage surface, and it’s interior. You can apply a scrub brush also to clean the cage. For safe cleaning, you should avoid commercial chemical cleaners and use the following:

➔ Take a bowl and mix warm water with white vinegar. 

➔ You can apply bleach and water mixture on 1:10 ratio. 

➔ For daily cleaning purposes, you can clean the cage’s wall by a wet towel or sweep any droppings, food, or hay kicked out the floor of the cage. 

➔ Wash food bowl and water bowl with a mild cleaning fluid.

➔ After cleaning, you should dry the cage entirely in the sunlight.

What Bedding is Best for a Chinchilla?

Keep your pet protected and provide great comfort to them; you should choose the best bedding option from the market. Chinchillas are Indoor pets like rabbits. They are active in a bigger size and comfortable with humid and cold temperatures. Soft, hypoallergenic, moisture and non-sticky beds are ideal for them. Though Chinchillas can’t live in a hot place, so you need to be aware of overheating.‘Aspen shavings’ is the best option to choose from the vast list of available bedding for a chinchilla. This soft, moist absorbing, odor-controlling bed provides more comfort to your pet rather than other ordinary bedding available in the market. 

Do Chinchillas Bond With Their Owners?

Yes! Chinchilla can make a bond with their owners. But it is not an easy process. Where the bonding and affection are concerned, Chinchillas do not belong on the level of dogs and cats. However, in their 20 years life span is plenty of time to make a strong relationship between their owners. Constant effort and proper care can enhance the interaction between you and your pet. Gite it time to develop trust over you and your family members. Try to handle them with loving and soft approaches to overcome their fear.

Are Chinchillas Intelligent?

Yes! Chinchillas are extremely intelligent and smart rodents. They can learn to recognize their owners and their pet names. Not only that, but Chinchillas can also respond to some basic commands. They are responsive to training sessions and treat as per your order. They can also be trained to use latrine and litter boxes when they require. You can play with them. But over pampering makes them angry. They are capable of creating social interaction with their owners and acting accordingly. Chinchillas are beginning to learn a task if you do it repeatedly. They have a great memory to recognize their owners even after a long time. 

Is It Better to Get a Male or Female Chinchilla?

You can choose either gender of Chinchilla easily. There is no huge difference regarding its suitability as a pet. Both have the same intelligence and bonding ability to their owners. If you haven’t any plan to breed them and want to adopt a group of Chinchillas, then you should get male Chinchilla. All Chinchillas are smart and intelligent. Males are friendlier and calmer than females. Male chinchillas are less territorial also. On the other hand, female Chinchillas are friendly with humans but aggressive and domineering with male Chinchillas. It is a safeguard if you choose two or more male Chinchillas rather than females. 


Final Words:

If you love your chinchilla, then it is vital to gift your pet a stable and sweet place to stay. Therefore, selecting the right cage is necessary. While you are going to choose the right cage, you need to consider a couple of facts like its size, safety measurements, accessibility, and cleaning. We have suggested several cages where you can easily choose one for your pet. All these mentioned products are made of durable wire materials, and most of them are chew proof. These cages are all safe and secure for your all-time best friend. Some cages have four doors, some have three, and some have only one door depending on the size of the cage. So, do not wait and waste time and give a home for your furry little friend. Choose the cages as per your requirements and needs.Hurry up and get one home for the furry friend right now so that they can live happy and healthy.